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activity tracker sas89Lidl again made another activity tracker of the SAS line

This time its the SAS 89 activity tracker.

Today we are gonna review its features, pros, and cons

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Lidl SupermarketIf someone is visiting Germany they need to know the prices.

Thats why today we are going to talk about prices in LIDL Germany.

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Cheap Philips Senseo Coffee MakerPhilips Senseo Coffee Machine! - maybe has the best value among all capsule coffee machines we dive into the features, performance, and overall brewing experience of the Senseo machine.  Explore the variety of coffee pads compatible with the Philips Senseo, robust dark roasts, smooth medium blends, or indulgent flavored coffees.

If you never used one and wanna try it this article is just for you.

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lidl franceWe visited a Lidl store in Reims, France and checked out the prices, products, and quality of this popular discount supermarket chain. You can try to compare it to Lidl stores in other countries, such as Germany, Belgium, and Cyprus in this playlist, and see how they differ in size, selection, and style.

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ALDI SupermarketHere are the prices of some foods we found at ALDI Supermarket in Germany, Bochum. ALDI offers a smaller selection of products compared to traditional supermarkets. This helps them streamline operations and reduce costs. ALDI minimizes fancy displays and focuses on cost-effective shelving.

But is ALDI cheaper than most of the supermarkets?

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cora price egg

We visited Cora, one of the main supermarkets in France.

We wanted to see the prices and compare it to Leclerc, Carrefour and Auchan.

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Deltaco mini mechanical gaming keyboardDeltaco Gaming GAM 111 is TKL low-profile mini mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB lights.

It is TKL size with red switches under keys.

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philips 275v8la 00 monitorIn our quest for an affordable yet high-quality monitor for our laptop, priced at less than 200 euros, we stumbled upon the PHILIPS 275V8LA 00 Monitor. In this review, we share our experience with assembling the monitor, provide our opinion, and share the results of our testing.






lidl wireless phone chargerCheap Grundig mobile phone holder and Qi charger from Lidl is surprisingly good. It offers quick charging for your mobile phone. It operates at an input power of 5VDC (2A) / 9VDC (1.67A) and an output power of 10W, ensuring fast charging.

But there are some things you'll need to consider before buying it because it could be a waste of money if you don't follow

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Warsaw Christmas Market 1 scaled

Europe is famous for its Christmas markets, so today we are gonna talk about 5 best Christmas markets in Europe.

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tplink repeaterWe open the TP-Link TL-WA850RE and show you how to set it up. Say goodbye to bad Wi-Fi spots! We also test it to see if it really works well. Don't miss this article if you want better Wi-Fi! :)

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Top wifi booster 2024 :) Wifi extender best 2024 TP-Link TL-WA850RE. Connecting a tp link extender






diy hanging basket bracket

Livarno basket bracket is perfect for hanging baskets with flowers.

It also can find a use in the garden because it is kinda pretty.

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Bosch Classic 6 washing machines“What the point of this article is anyways?” you might ask

Well… Bosch renamed their Bosch classixx 6 line to Bosch Series 2.

So we are going to show you how Bosch clasixx 6 (Bosch Series 2) works after 4 years of daily using.

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diy spot welder 12v batteryThis battery welder is suitable for welding lithium batteries like 18650/26650/32650 effortlessly, especially with common 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm nickel-plated sheets.

12v spot welder offers a range of five gears, progressively increasing spot welding strength from the 1st to the 5th gear.

The 5th gear provides the highest strength and easily handles welding the typical 0.15 mm nickel-plated sheets.

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stone baked pizzaShould we get a pizza stone to bake the cheapest pizza from Lidl?

Frozen pizza with stone?

Yes, Some people who cook at home like using stones instead of steel because they think stones are better for baking more than just pizza.

Stones don't keep heat as much as steel does. This means they're less likely to overcook foods that need more time to bake at high temperatures, like bread and some pastries.





lidl app discountWe fully utilized all available discounts and coupons at Lidl Plus, resulting in a substantial discount at the checkout. Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Lidl Plus discounts and coupons.

And now we know what 1 day there is a discount which: if you buy fruits and vegetables for 10 euros you get 2 euros discount.

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sea cucumbersWe were just minding our own business, but then we saw a very weird rock.

We went to it, and then it started moving.

So then our son understood it was a Sea Cucumber.

And if you know Sea Cucumbers are almost an extinct species











high low pricingIf you are trying to be more economic, then we have good news

Because Lidl is lowering prices on 120 products for 25%

And don't forget, there's also Lidl Plus loyalty app.

And there are some days if you buy for 30 euros you get 5 euro discount

So Lidl just makes customers like it more and more.








sony fdr ax43a 4k handycam camcorderToday we have a very exciting article.

Because now for our videos we are going to use SONY Handycam FDR-AX43B we bought.

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Food Prices at SklavenitisIf you wanted to visit Cyprus and don't know which supermarket suit you.

We have more articles about food costs on Cyprus 2023

So today it's SKLAVENITIS time to shine.