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rust on metal frameThe rust is everywhere on the steel frame. Maybe this is because of humidity in the room... What do you think? - Have all beds with steel frame from IKEA same problems?

How can we fix it?

And the point of this article is? After 2 years this loft bed still in use... When I bought it, no one could help me with information - what will be with this bunk bed IKEA SVARTA after two years.... Especially, if a very active boy will sleep on it.
Now we know the bed is OK, but a lot of rust on the frame.


dwarf alberta spruce from Lidl as Christmas treeWe bought it for new year 2021, but for 2022, 2023 and 2024 it will be better. It grows good now. This spruce can be grown as a container plant, pruned to form an artistic topiary. That makes it an excellent Christmas tree. Now our Lidl's Dwarf Alberta Spruce waits for Santa each year.

 Each year this Spruce will be bigger and bigger.

chocolate easter egg lidl with toy  Easter Bunny tried to hide a big Lidl's chocolate Easter egg  with surprise toy inside from Mr. Superbattery. But we found Lidl's Favorina egg and tasted it. It was fun.

corner standing plate rackWe purchased it for one euro, maybe, I didn't remember precisely... But it helps us considerably...

bike tube protector instalationSpikes and thorns from plants are a huge problem for my bicycle at this island. We installed Anti-Puncture tire Protector Tape from AliExpress and cycled more than 300 kilometers after, did not get any puncture yet... We tested it and it really works for plants seeds with spikes...  We paid 4 euro for this tape at AliExpress. 

vacuum cleaner suck water We made wet and dry vaccum cleaner from a large plastic bottle and scotch tape...

Self made wet and dry vac collected all spilled water for free... review

How to make a 1200 watt wet and dry vacuum cleaner that is capable of sucking up wet and dry debris at the same time? Test.

ultrasonic cleaning machineWe bought this ultrasonic cleaning machine in Lidl (25 euro), and it cleans OK. We like it. The ultrasonic field in water generates waves with high and low pressure. Air bubbles on the surface of glasses, coins, jewelry do some cavitation effect. As for me it is the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. But we used only this one, and won't buy another one :)

How to bathe glasses, coins, jewelry, parts? Plain tap water is perfect as cleaning fluid. The cleaning effect can be enhanced by the addition of approximately 3 drops of washing liquid.

silvercrest activity trackerLidl's fitness trackers SAS88 as SAS87 offers step, distance and calorie-tracking, heart-rate monitoring, movement reminders and sleep tracking. The main difference is color display -  Silvercrest activity tracker sas87 has monochrome LSD.
SAS88 got twice less working time for one charge, when connected to phone SAS88 can alarm you when the mobile gets calls and messages...

auriol temperature stationOur testing. A new version of this radio-controlled weather station is at our Lidl now. Main differences are - outdoor unit has display too.

Radio-Controlled Temperature Station

With radio-controlled weather station sensors for outdoor.

Indoor and outdoor temperature display.

durum wheat spaghettiWe determined which pasta we like best expencive Italian hand made durum wheat semolina pasta from our friends in Italy or 89 cents costs pasta from Lidl. :)

kingston sodimm ddr4 16gbWe added 16 GB sodimm ram to this notebook... Laptop memory is from Amazon (83 euro), at first I asked at Kingston site, will this memory fit to my laptop? They said - it will be OK. And then I ordered it... Right now I'm doing this video from this notebook and all is working just awesome...

impact wrench for car

Awesome impact wrench for car for only 69 euro with standart parkside battery and perfect impact socket set...

5 pre-selectable torque settings: 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 Nm

4 sockets (17 / 19 / 21 / 23 mm)

And Impact Sockets PSS 3 A1 from Parkside Lidl review. Impact wrench with this set is my "must have"

Pocketbook touch lux 5 VS NOOK

PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (PocketBook 628) twice faster than my old book, read from this book is very pleasant for eyes.
It supports all mass formats for e-books...
We like it....
Dictionaries are awesome too.
Awesome product.
Many thanks for developers PocketBook Touch Lux 5 (PocketBook 628) ...