sony fdr ax43a 4k handycam camcorderToday we have a very exciting article.

Because now for our videos we are going to use SONY Handycam FDR-AX43B we bought.

So let's get into it.








Watch this video for more details about this beautiful SONY Handycam.

sony fdr ax 43 a

It can make videos in 4K, so now you'll have cat videos in 4K quality.

sony camcorder fdr ax43

On the back of the box, it says the features of this SONY Handycam

Like when you move the camera a bit, it doesn't lose the focus because it's 2 different compartments inside and the focus is stabilized in one place.

Camera Review

We also bought a 128 memory card for it, so we are fully loaded up.

fdr ax43 4k

And here you can see how beautiful are the photos from this camera, and this was not edited in any software, for example Photoshop. 

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