Reviewing and Testing

current gas prices in cyprusIf you wonder when planning to visit Cyprus. How much does the fuel for a car cost?

Well it's perfect because today we are going to show you current gas prices in ESSO gas stations.









Landmann grill BBQOur neighbors gave us a Landmann 12371 grill, which they used for 5 years.

However, it had a problem for which it didn't work.

In the burner there was a hole and because of it the grill didn't work.

So today we are going to show you how to repair burner in Landmann 12371 grill.







 cyprus food prices Lidl

Lidl Cyprus provides a wide range of goods, including fresh produce, dairy products, meat, bakery items, and household essentials. The company's private-label products, such as “Deluxe” and “Eridanus,” are known for their quality and affordability.

The supermarket chain focuses on sourcing fresh, locally produced items and actively promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility.




how to remove black mould from washing machine

Dealing with black mold in your washing machine? Using chlorine detergent or bleach can work, but follow these steps for safety:

Materials: Chlorine detergent or bleach, rubber gloves, cleaning cloth or sponge.


  1. Wear rubber gloves for hand protection.


lamp liper ledLiper IP65 LPDL 30 A Y Down Light ceiling lamp has great value for a low price.

It was very easy to fit, gives off ample light.

Anti-Insect Design: Integrated design, achieving waterproofing up to the IP65 rating.

It is also waterproof and dustproof from inside.

But the design of it is not that good.







Cheap Ultimate Speed ULGD 5.0 D2 Car and MotorcycleThis right here is very useful to have in your car because you don't know what can happen

Ultimate Speed ULGD 5.0 car and motorbike battery charger.

Apparently it has a very cheap price and can be very useful in some situations when your car battery is dying.








PARKSIDE Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Our neighbors bought this wet & dry vacuum cleaner 5 years ago

It is called PNTC1500

And now there's a new version of it called PWD20A1

This is like a tutorial on how to use them.







guinea pigs to eatGuinea pigs love to eat cucumbers! Cucumbers are a healthy and hydrating treat for them. When offering cucumbers to your guinea pig, make sure to follow these steps: When offering cucumbers to your guinea pig, make sure to follow these steps: Freshness: Ensure the cucumber is fresh and free from any mold or signs of spoilage. Washing: Rinse the cucumber thoroughly to remove any pesticides or dirt.

Our neighbors gave us this guinea pig for 3 weeks and for this time we learned a lot of facts about them.







grundig vch 9929We recently had the chance to try out the GRUNDIG cordless handheld vacuum cleaner called VCH 9929 L.

Our friend let us borrow it to test, and she mentioned that it works really well for keeping her 2-bedroom apartment clean throughout the week.

She used it more than 2 years.

She uses it to support the cleanliness in her apartment, and it seems to do a good job for that.

This vacuum is a 2-in-1 type, meaning it's like having two vacuums in one.










Food Prices in Cyprus. Philippos SupermarketPhillipos is a local Cyprus supermarket which has everything you need.

And this is the start of a new rubric here called food prices on Cyprus.

In this rubric, we are going to show you how you can understand by the name the prices of food in Cyprus.




high temp castable refractoryIf you have the same problem as us with our Landmann grill burner having a hole inside, then this guide is for you.

We ordered this high heat-resistant cement Visbella from AliExpress for 5 euros.

But be careful, to don't do the mistake we did.

Don't put a lot of it because it will make a bubble in the end after heating, and it has a possibility to make a whole.







IKEA self-checkout systemsIf there are any guys who are introverts, then this IKEA system is for you.

It is so easy to use what even an 11-year-old can use it., and you don't talk with the cashier.









Electric Water PumpAfter being completely tired using mechanical water pump from AliExpress.

In our local Jumbo, they were selling this electrical touch water pump for only 2 euros.

Of course, we bought it, and today we are going to test it.












IKEA family cardThe IKEA Family card is a bonus card, which says on their website.

Gives you a lot of bonuses.

And today we are going to find out if it's true.








home baristaAfter many years of service, of our Siemens EQ 300.

It eventually broke down.

And in today's article we are going to show you how to repair it.












Cheap 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water FilterFor people who want to save money on buying water bottles from a store.

We are introducing you micro stationary cheap 3 stage reverse osmosis water filter.

And after you buy some bottles and drink all the water you can pour some clean filtered water which before was a dirty tap water.







Homemade electrolysis for Rust

Electrolysis is a process that uses an electric current to drive a non-spontaneous chemical reaction. It involves the breaking down of a compound into its constituent elements using an electrolyte and two electrodes (an anode and a cathode). Here's a general procedure to set up an electrolysis apparatus:

Materials you'll need:

  1. Power source (such as a battery or a power supply)
  2. Electrolyte solution (e.g., saltwater, sulfuric acid solution)
  3. Two electrodes (one for the anode and one for the cathode) – commonly made of inert materials like graphite, platinum, or stainless steel
  4. Wires to connect the electrodes to the power source
  5. Two containers to hold the electrolyte solution (one for each electrode)


ikea's as is sectionIn some IKEA stores, you can buy furniture and stuff with a discount in the so called “As-is” section.

Most of the time, this section is near the exit of the IKEA store.

So today we are going to tell you all the pros and cons of this section.








PARKSIDE Locking Pliers SetParkside 3-piece locking pliers from Lidl are made from carbon steel.

They are used to loosing bolts with stripped heads, clamp two pieces of metal together for any reason

they all have different purposes, and we are going to try all of them.








old wooden German houseWhen we were in Germany, we were living in our friend's house.

When we arrived it was night but in the morning we found out what it was, a 1861 wooden house with lots of history

Our friends are sharing this house with another family.

It has 2 floors,2 bathrooms,1 kitchen,4 bedrooms, living room, parking space, front yard, backyard, large garage, basement, and the best room was workshop.