Reviewing and Testing

IMG 0365Ikea HYBY ceiling lamp has Great value for a low price.

It's small, so if you want to replace and old and big ceiling lamp for a small one, this is a good choice.

I like it because it has a shape of a plate.









IMG 7910This spruce can be grown as a container plant, pruned to form an artistic topiary.

That makes it an excellent Christmas tree.

In Cyprus because we live near to the water there are no Christmas trees it's perfect for us

And after the Christmas, you can grow it in your backyard. 









McAppMcDonald's did well with their loyalty app.

For the WC 2022 they made a new discount you need to score a goal, and then you will get a discount like we did and we got free medium fries

With your first order you can get free 100 points

It's very convenient for big families cause everything is cheaper. 








IMG 921012 euro in Lidl.

It really helps when barbershops are closed during lockdowns.

Everyone now can open a barbershop at home.

So good for everyone









IMG 9467We added 16 GB memory to this laptop. Memory is from Amazon (83 euro).

At first, I asked at Kingston site.

Will this memory fit to my laptop? And then ordered it…









IMG 9524Very good chromium molybdenum steel color coded set for car wheel nut sizes 17/19/21 mm.

They look pretty cool too

And it's easier to fix your car now









IMG 94965 pre-selectable torque settings:

100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 Nm

4 sockets (17 / 19 / 21 / 23 mm)

We will test this wrench on our car

To see is it good or no







The watchAnd the point of this video is?

After 2 years, this SAS 87 Tracker is still working…

But the strap is unstuck.

When I bought it.

No one could help me with information.

What will be with this







huawei fit band 4The Huawei Band 4 offers step.

Distance and calorie-tracking.

Heart-rate monitoring.

Movement reminders and sleep tracking.

When connected to a phone.

The Huawei Band 4 can alarm you when the mobile gets calls and messages…





ikea koppla usb chargerKOPPLA USB charger lets us charge up to 3 devices at the same time.

Voltage USB ports: 5Vdc.

 Looks good and it's English type of socket

 be ready to buy adapter if you live in another country.

 We don't know why, but in Cyprus we have English type of sockets.






best portable tv antennaThis battle was epic. We compared handmade free DVB-T2 digital HD TV Antenna with DVB-T2 antenna from AliExpress for 2 euro

lidl plus appA new feature of app Lidl is daily saver discounts each day for four new products. It's very cool because now even more discounts!









download lidl appScanning Lidl plus digital card with every purchase unlock 1 euro discount for each 100 euro spend.

Lidl plus is a free Lidl app, and now it's it first update.

This update was made 0,5 year before today

In Cyprus, Lidl plus is the top application

And now Lidl plus is 1 year, and they give away 35,000 euro

oakland shed keterShed Base Foundation is concrete deck footing plus timber frame.












asus rog strix scar 15Asus ROG Strix G15 Core i7-10870H RAM 16 GB SSD 512 GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. I was looking for powerful laptop with i7 core with fast ram not less than 16 GB with SSD for OS, with Dedicated Graphics Card and less than 1000 euro.










hp m27f specsWe were looking for monitor to laptop, less than 200 euro. 15' laptop display is too small for everyday use.









camera web logitechAfter monitor, I was looking for cheap but quality camera for video calls for my laptop. Less than 40 euro. LOGITECH HD Webcam C270 with mic is OK for skype.










siemens coffee machine cleaning tabletsWe're run out from AliExpress pills for clean and descale automatic coffee machine. And yes, overpriced siemens descaling tablets are better than cheap AliExpress pills.









phone redmi note 10s1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S is a good-looking phone

2. the stereo speaker—not bad, two speakers

3. Big phone 6.43 inches (16.33 cm)







new rear bike wheelMy old back wheel is wobbly cause of bad places for bearings. I decided to change a wheel. New one (madspeed7) rear wheel costs around $70 at eBay.