ALDI SupermarketHere are the prices of some foods we found at ALDI Supermarket in Germany, Bochum. ALDI offers a smaller selection of products compared to traditional supermarkets. This helps them streamline operations and reduce costs. ALDI minimizes fancy displays and focuses on cost-effective shelving.

But is ALDI cheaper than most of the supermarkets?

Let's find out!







Watch this video to see more prices of products in ALDI.

This reduces expenses associated with elaborate store layouts. ALDI keeps staffing lean, with employees often multitasking. This efficiency helps keep labor costs low. ALDI keeps things simple, offering a no-frills shopping experience, and by doing so, they can pass the cost savings on to customers in the form of lower prices.

aldi's grocery store

The potatoes probably are not the best because as we can see no one buys them here.

aldi's food store

It honestly feels like people don't shop in this ALDI because no one also bought bread.

chicken price aldi

Oh never mind, the chicken is sold a lot here.

meat price aldi

Not many people buy beef here, as we can see.

milk price aldi

There is just too much milk.

sunflower oil price aldi

Lots of sunflower oil here.

oats price aldi

Why does no one buy stuff here, or maybe they just got these products today?

chips price aldi

Pretty expensive chips to be honest.

chocolate price aldi

And very cheap chocolate, so ALDI is cheaper, but it is mostly private label products just like LIDL. 

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