Bosch Classic 6 washing machines“What the point of this article is anyways?” you might ask

Well… Bosch renamed their Bosch classixx 6 line to Bosch Series 2.

So we are going to show you how Bosch clasixx 6 (Bosch Series 2) works after 4 years of daily using.

So let's get into it!




And it's fantastic. Now you have this data… The name of Bosch Classixx 6 washing machines has evolved, and it is now known as Bosch Series 2. Despite the name change, the design remains unchanged, and most of the parts are identical. So, what's the purpose of this video? We aim to demonstrate how a Bosch Class 6 machine holds up after four years of daily use, highlighting that Bosch Serie 2 should exhibit the same durability and performance even after four years.

This is how a Bosch Series 2 (Bosch classixx 6) washing machine looks like.

bosch integrated washing machine

We are going to wash our 3 pairs of shoes in the washing machine.

Testing Bosch washer

We loaded our shoes into the net, which is required for washing them in the washing machine.

bosch washing machine with dryer

After washing them, they are much cleaner than they were. 

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