lidl franceWe visited a Lidl store in Reims, France and checked out the prices, products, and quality of this popular discount supermarket chain. You can try to compare it to Lidl stores in other countries, such as Germany, Belgium, and Cyprus in this playlist, and see how they differ in size, selection, and style.

So let's get into it!



Wan to listen to some cool facts about LIDL while seeing its prices? Then watch the video above! 

bread price lidl

1,62 euros is a normal price for bread.

chicken price lidl

The chicken is a bit too expensive for its size.

beef price france

That is a pretty normal price for beef compared to other stores in France.

sausage price france

The sausages are way too expensive.

lidl eggs price

A little expensive for 30 eggs.

sunflower oil price in france

Pretty ok price for Sunflower oil.


Very cheap oatmeal.

potatoes price france

Normal price for potatoes to be honest.

chips price france

Pretty ok price for Lays chips.

chocolate price in france

Very cheap chocolate here.

coffee price in france

 And oh my god coffee here is so expensive.

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