Lidl SupermarketIf someone is visiting Germany they need to know the prices.

Thats why today we are going to talk about prices in LIDL Germany.

Let's begin.






Watch the video above for more info about the prices.

lidl near me

Apples are a bit expensive here.

lidl online shopping

Cheap and good bread.

lidl ad

Sunflower oil for 1,79 euros.

potatoes price Lidl

2 and a half euros for a sack of potatoes.

meat price Lidl

5 euros per kilogram of chicken.

chicken price lidl

food prices Lidl

Oatmeal for 80 cents.

milk price lidl

Good quality milk for only 1.25 euros.

eggs price Lidl

2 euros for 10 eggs.

chips price Lidl

2 euros for a bag of chips is a steal.

coffee Price lidl

,And last coffee beans for 9 and a half euros is a complete steal.

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