cora price egg

We visited Cora, one of the main supermarkets in France.

We wanted to see the prices and compare it to Leclerc, Carrefour and Auchan.

Let's see!






Watch this video to discover new facts about Cora. 

For example, Cora has a cafeteria in each of its hypermarkets you can find

cora price bread

As you can see not a lot of people take the toast bread, this is because more people take the Baguettes we think.

cora price chicken

Not a chicken missing, but we're still pretty sure they're delicious.

cora price beef

Not a lot of beef, so maybe more people prefer beef than chicken.

cora price potatoes

Pretty cheap potatoes, which go 1 euro for a sack. 

cora price sunflower oil

A big variety of sunflower oil.

cora price milk

Everyone buys cheap milk and not the expensive one.

cora price chips

Some lays we never even saw, like Cheeseburger lays?

cora price coffee

cora price chocolate


A lot of very expensive coffee for 20 euros, when in Lidl you buy 3 for that price, and you'll still have 2 euros left.

cora's restaurant menu

They have Côte d'Or chocolate as well as private label Cora chocolate

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Cora also has a cafeteria called “Cora cafeteria” which works with a similar system like IKEA restaurant.

Cora cafeteria

You can get sandwiches, salads, small dishes and other delicacies accompanied by a drink or coffee in Cora cafeteria.

But if you want something big, you can get a pizza of your choice.

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