Homemade ice cream from frozen bananas and berries. Сhopper SilverCrestRight now it's summer ad it's hot.

And you always buy unhealthy ice cream, and you lose your fit.

Then this recipe of banana ice cream with berries is for you.

It's delicious, healthy, fast to make, and easy to make.







pies christmasOur honest opinion is what they are very tasty, but we don't know why our son did not want even to taste them.

So we took this job to ourselves and it was worth it.

We also thought this was strange because he always wants to taste sweets.








easter bunny near meToday, we wanted to assemble Lidl Favorina Easter Bunny Decorating Kit.

But something went wrong while assembling it, or we just have hands not from the right place…

But anyway it was tasty because Lidl have the best gingerbread cookies gummies and candy.








banana bread in a bread machineToday we are making delicious banana bread with nuts in our SilverCrest bread maker from Lidl.

We kinda love this bread maker from SilverCrest, so we wanted to experiment with it, and it was totally worth every spent cent and time.









turkey lidlWe bought this DOUX turkey with giblets from Lidl, It is 3.8 kg, and it costs 14 euros each.

We eat turkey not only for Christmas because it is delicious.

And we just love this perfectly cooked turkey, and we want to share this recipe with you.

Let's get started









L1The difference between regular lasagna and lasagna bolognese is only the sauce, i.e., bolognese is used here, no ricotta, thus the pasta is layered with minced meat, béchamel, and cheese…

You need to cook the lasagna in the microwave.

They used pork minced meat to pack the lasagna.

It also cost only 4 euros for 1 kg.










IMG 7535We bought Deluxe choco dates from LIDL

In Cyprus, we have a lot of dates on the palm trees

Today we are going to taste them, and we're going to find out are they good.

IMG 8384In this package, there are a few types of toffees:Spiced biscuits, Almond Marzipan, Coconut, and Gingerbread

The package looks so heavy, and it looks like it will have some tasty toffees.

Let's see if it's truly tasty.










gingerbread house ikea ukWe assembled Gingerbread Houses from Ikea.

It's easy to get gingerbread house to stay together with IKEA baking glue or 1 egg white with sugar.

Simple ikea gingerbread houses instruction.

A little village with 6 mini gingerbread houses...

How to make a gingerbread 6 mini houses made of baked gingerbread dough.

You can build your own gingerbread town or thread a string through the holes of the houses and hang them in the Christmas tree.


gingerbread train kit from lidlWe assembled a Gingerbread Train kit from Lidl. There is gingerbread train from Lidl simple instruction.

It is not too hard but fun to make this Gingerbread Train kit









gingerbread house lidl 2020We assembled a Gingerbread House from Lidl.
Contains: Gingerbread, icing sugar, sugar decorations, jelly sweets... white of egg.

What to do with gingerbread house?

We eat it with coffee at once. It's tasty. 

How to eat a gingerbread house?

We're started from the roof :) 

chocolate easter egg lidl with toy  Easter Bunny tried to hide a big Lidl's chocolate Easter egg  with surprise toy inside from Mr. Superbattery. But we found Lidl's Favorina egg and tasted it. It was fun.

durum wheat spaghettiWe determined which pasta we like best expencive Italian hand made durum wheat semolina pasta from our friends in Italy or 89 cents costs pasta from Lidl. :)

IMG 8847Italians told, that only certain breeds of heavy pigs can be used to make prosciutto (traditional Large White, Landrace or Dunroc). Pig legs rubbed with salt then refrigerated for about a week. Then added another thin layer of salt leading to another resting period of 15 to 18 days. The hams are then hung for approximately 80 days, in a special conditions room. After 80 days the hams have dried completely. Then Prosciutto are left to finish the curing process in dark cellar-like rooms. The curing should last a minimum of 12 months.

As for me, Prosciutto from Italy is better than Jamon from Spain.