chocolate easter egg lidl with toy  Easter Bunny tried to hide a big Lidl's chocolate Easter egg  with surprise toy inside from Mr. Superbattery. But we found Lidl's Favorina egg and tasted it. It was fun.

durum wheat spaghettiWe determined which pasta we like best expencive Italian hand made durum wheat semolina pasta from our friends in Italy or 89 cents costs pasta from Lidl. :)

IMG 8847Italians told, that only certain breeds of heavy pigs can be used to make prosciutto (traditional Large White, Landrace or Dunroc). Pig legs rubbed with salt then refrigerated for about a week. Then added another thin layer of salt leading to another resting period of 15 to 18 days. The hams are then hung for approximately 80 days, in a special conditions room. After 80 days the hams have dried completely. Then Prosciutto are left to finish the curing process in dark cellar-like rooms. The curing should last a minimum of 12 months.

As for me, Prosciutto from Italy is better than Jamon from Spain.