Warsaw Christmas Market 1 scaled

Europe is famous for its Christmas markets, so today we are gonna talk about 5 best Christmas markets in Europe.

Let's begin









 On the first place, we have “The Christkindelsmärik in Strasbourg, France”


It looks majestic, and our personal opinion is that we think people have a lot of fun there


On the second place we have Vienna Christmas market, Austria.

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It looks very cool and so many lights everywhere


On the third is the Nuremberg Christmas market, Germany


It has a lot of local people selling bratwursts, glühwein, and other traditional stuff

Also, it is very close to a giant Catholic Church, so it's a perfect Christmas market!


On the fourth place is the Prague Christmas market, Czech Republic

Warsaw Christmas Market 1 scaled

As you can see, it is surrounded by houses which look super authentic

Also in the background you can see a church, And there's also an ice skating zone


On the last place is the Lisbon Christmas market, Portugal


So they have a big amazing Christmas tree, and I don't know about you guys but for me, I actually like this one.

There's no giant Church like Prague and Nuremberg, but you have a government building.

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