stone baked pizzaShould we get a pizza stone to bake the cheapest pizza from Lidl?

Frozen pizza with stone?

Yes, Some people who cook at home like using stones instead of steel because they think stones are better for baking more than just pizza.

Stones don't keep heat as much as steel does. This means they're less likely to overcook foods that need more time to bake at high temperatures, like bread and some pastries.





The Grill Meister Pizza Stone from Lidl is a budget-friendly option for those looking to enhance their home cooking experience. This stone serves its purpose adequately. It helps in achieving a crispy crust for homemade pizzas and assists in baking other items like bread or certain pastries. It is a decent choice for casual home chefs seeking an affordable addition to their kitchen tools. Review

lidl stone baked pizza

The stone looks very smooth and decent.

stone baked pizza lidl

 And in a matter of fact, it's kinda heavy.

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