Vegetarian diets and dishes


veggie heart cVegetarianism is a special plant-based diet. A lot of people all around the world are vegetarians and vegans. They eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds. Also veggie products are quorn (mock meat mycoprotein produced in the United Kingdom and Ireland), soya beans, tofu (it is made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks), vecon (nutritious and versatile, gluten free vegetable stock with vitamins and iron) etc. But you don't have to use those products to cook veggie dishes – all of us from time to time eat vegetarian dishes.

There is variety of different veggie diets, such as:

  • ovo-vegetarian diet (people who practice it, eat eggs but not dairy products);
  • lacto-vegetarian diet (dairy products are included but not eggs);
  • ovo-lacto vegetarian diet (includes both eggs and dairy products);
  • vegan diet (no animal products, eggs, dairy, honey and so on);
  • raw vegan diet (people eat only fresh and uncooked fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, no cooking);
  • semi-vegetarian diet (some people eat poultry and seafood);
  • fruitarianism (permits eating only those fruits, nuts and seeds that can be gathered without harming the plant);
  • macrobiotic diet (people mostly eat whole grains and beans);
  • etc.

Why do people exclude meat? There are many explanations, such as: health motivation (a lot of people don't eat meat because their stomach can't digest animal protein and fat), attempt to stay young for longer time (experts say that vegetarianism helps to do that), ethic reasons (some people are against killing and eating animals or even any living beings), religious motivation (for example, Judaism forbid eating pork), and so on.

Lots of different delicious veggie dishes you can find here.

Vegetarian recipes

Easy veggie recipes

Chunky Winter Vegetable Stew

Cauliflower & Cheese Bake

Pumpkin Soup

Bruschetta snacks

Antipasto snack plate

Spicy Vegetable Risotto

Vegetable Dip

Luxury Potato Salad

Oriental stir-fried beans

Beetroot & Orange Salad

Cauliflower & Horseradish Soup

Refreshing bulgur wheat salad

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Mixed Barbecued Vegetables

Stir _ Fried Peas with Fresh Coriander and Spring Onions

Artichokes with peppered butter sauce


Recipes with special vegetarian products (such as quorn, tofu)

Quorn Moussaka

Quorn Curry

Quorn & Bean Chilli Burgers

Minced Quorn & Bean Pie

Veggy Chilli Con Carne

Tofu and vegetable burgers

Apricot, papaya (pawpaw) and tofu


Festival vegetarian dishes

Cabbage Parcels

Spicy Bean & Vegetable Pie

Lentil Shepherds Pie

Grilled vegetables on rosemary skewers

Herby cheese and pepper roll-ups

Italian tricolore kebabs

Mushroom & pepper pizza

Tex-Mex veggie burgers

Spinach & mushroom roulade

Avocado & mushroom salad

Italian stuffed peaches

Sin_free oriental and spicy herb dips

Vegetarian lasagne

Red Snapper with Almond Paste

Vegetable croquettes

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