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* 150g (5 oz) Stork margarine
* 150g (5 oz) castor sugar
* 2 eggs, size 3, beaten
* 225g (8 oz) self-raising flour, sieved with
* 1 x 5ml spoon (1 teaspoon) mixed spice
* 350g (12 oz) mixed dried fruit, washed and dried
* 150ml milk less 2 x 15ml spoons (1/4 pint less 2 tablespoons)

OVEN: Pre-heat to slow (150°C, 300°F, Gas No. 2)
SHELF: Middle
1. Prepare a deep 20cm (8 inch) cake tin.
2. Place all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl, beat with a wooden spoon until well mixed (2-3 minutes).
3. Place in prepared tin. Smooth top with back of a wet metal spoon.
4. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 1 3/4 - 2 1/4 hours.
5. Test before removing from oven. Leave in tin for 5 minutes.
6. Turn out, remove paper and cool on a wire tray.

Ingredients as above.
Method: as above BUT AT STAGE 2:
2a. Cream Stork and sugar together until light and fluffy.
2b. Beat in eggs, one at a time adding a little of the sieved flour with the second egg.
2c. Fold in remaining flour and mixed spice and stir in prepared fruit and milk, half at a time, until well mixed. Preparation time: 20 mins Cookingtime: 1 hr 45mins - 2 hrs 15mins

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