Cooking Equipment

coal grill BBQ heat-resistant paintstep 1. Get rid of the ferric oxide with an angle grinder cup brush.
(Or another methods to remove the rust - vinegar, lemon acid, liquid or spray rust converter etc.)

Siemens EQ.300We bought it in CMC electric - 439 euro. But some subscribers told us, that it costs 325 EUR in Germany.
Fully automatic coffee machine Siemens EQ.300 is good for great taste Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Crema, Latte.
It can grind some aroma out of the bean.
Coffee making made simple.
Perfect taste
Automatic frothing in the cup
Easy to clean.

pan avaEvery pot or pan was designed for a certain cooking technique or even dish. We often don't think about that and use our pans not properly. But sometimes it can lead to spoiling a dish or even kitchen equipment. So, let's find out a little bit more about pots and pans we use.

multi-cooker avaTo tell you the truth, multi cooker is the best electric devise for every housewife, mother, woman. It can make the cooking of tasty and healthy food your favorite and very easy everyday work. You will eat freshly prepared food more often and it won't get too much of your time and efforts. Some people think that multi cooker is too expensive for their family. Let's find out if it is true.


Blanching-Fresh-Vegetables_cBlanching fresh vegetables can provide us with a freezer full of delicious and healthy vegetables that we eat during the long winter. The taste of them is far better than store-bought frozen or canned vegetables ever could. You can blanch such vegetables as green beans, peas, asparagus, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower easily.

Cooking-Equipment-for-Microwave_CAs a general rule, cookware which is dishwasher-proof is suitable for the microwave. Test cookware for the first time by placing a glass jug half-filled with water in the microwave. Put the dish beside it and cook on full power setting for about 30 seconds. If, at the end of this time, the water is warm and the dish is hot, the dish isn't suitable for use. If, however, the dish is still cool, then it should be fine provided it has no metallic (gold or silver) decoration on it.


Cook-Foods-in-Microwave_cDifferent types of food heat up at different rates. Dense foods, as I have mentioned, will take longer to heat through than lighter-textured foods, and foods with a great deal of water, fat or sugar in them will heat up or cook though more quickly than foods without. (This is why, again, when reheating a mince pie, the filling gets very not before the pastry seems warm. Always test with a skewer.) Meat on the bone cooks quicker than meat off the bone. Thin ends cook more quickly than thicker ends.