coal grill BBQ heat-resistant paintstep 1. Get rid of the ferric oxide with an angle grinder cup brush.
(Or another methods to remove the rust - vinegar, lemon acid, liquid or spray rust converter etc.)

step 2. Paint it with heat-resistant 800 degrees coating...
(We purchased this heat-resistant anthracite 800 degrees paint in the Superhomecentre DIY - 4 euro...)



cheap charcoal grill restoration

We need to save our BBQ from rust... We like it too much...

best charcoal barbecue paint

High temp coating will help us.

charcoal outdoor grills cover with paint

At first, we removed all rust, then painted all around...

our charcoal bbq is like new one

Like new one :)

IMG 7995

put our bbq portable back

Put it back.