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multi-cooker avaTo tell you the truth, multi cooker is the best electric devise for every housewife, mother, woman. It can make the cooking of tasty and healthy food your favorite and very easy everyday work. You will eat freshly prepared food more often and it won't get too much of your time and efforts. Some people think that multi cooker is too expensive for their family. Let's find out if it is true.

One of main advantages of multi cooker is that you put all the ingredients into it at once. You don't have to be at the kitchen while your meal is preparing, stir it often, add ingredients from time to time, and be afraid that your food can be burnt. All you have to do is just put ingredients into the multi cooker, chose appropriate program and time, and push the button. When the dish is ready, multi cooker will switch off and give you a beep.

What to cook?

You can prepare lots of different dishes with a help of multi cooker.

For example:

  • soups and stews;
  • main dishes;
  • garnishes;
  • meat and fish;
  • steamed food;
  • warm salads;
  • appetizers;
  • pastry and other desserts;
  • drinks;
  • yoghurts;
  • pickles and jams;
  • dough and bread;
  • pizza;
  • fondue;
  • baby food.

Also you are able to sterilize utensils and baby bottles into the multi cooker; pasteurize milk at home (when you buy milk from a farm, not in the store) etc.

We advise you to choose multi cookers with many programs. They are more expensive but such multi cooker will become your real friend at the kitchen.

Top-5 best cheap multi cookers

These multi cookers managed to get into our rating because they all are functional, convenient, easy in usage, of high-quality and, of course, not very expensive.

1. FagorĀ® 670040230 Multi Cooker

Fagor-670040230It is third most popular in electric pressure cookers.

Multi cooker works as: pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker.

Screen: LED.

Keep warm function: +

Delay cooking timer: 8 hours.

Volume: 6 quart (approximately 5.5 liters).

Includes: Teflon coated cooking pot, recipe book. Steamer and spoons are able to buy separately.

Features: 2 pressure setting (high and low), the lid is removable, has automatic pressure release setting (that makes it save for your hands).

Price: $77.99

2. Instant PotĀ® IP-LUX50 Multi Cooker

Instant-Pot-IP-LUX50Multi cooker works as: pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, warmer and saute/browning.

Screen: LED.

Keep warm function: +

Delay cooking timer: 24 hours.

Volume: 5.28 quart (5 liters).

Includes: stainless steel cooking pot, stainless steel steaming rack, rice paddle, soup ladle, measuring cup, trivet, recipe book

Features: has 3-ply bottom, has 10 safety mechanisms, rather popular model.

Price: $109.97


3. New Wave 5-in-1 Multi Cooker

New-Wave-5-in-1-Multi-CookerMulti cooker works as: pressure cooker, slow cooker, electric pan/pot, soup/rice cooker, steamer.

Screen: LED.

Keep warm function: +

Delay cooking timer: +

Volume: 6 liters.

Includes: non stick removable cooking bowl (sometimes additional bowl are available), stainless steel steam basket, detachable cord, rice serving paddle.

Features: 2 pressure setting (high and low) 7 safety protection measures including patented locking system.

Price: $125


4. New Wave 6-in-1 Multi Cooker

New-Wave-6-in-1-Multi-CookerMulti cooker works as: deep fry, steamer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker.

Screen: LED.

Keep warm function: +

Delay cooking timer: + (but it isn't intuitive).

Volume: 6 liters.

Includes: nonstick cooking bowl, steam/fry basket, stainless steel insert for steaming, rice paddle

Features: nonstick coating, 2 pressure levels (low and high)

Price: $109.95


5. Cuisinart MSC-400 3-In-1 Cooker

Cuisinart-MSC-400-3-In-1-CookMulti cooker works as: slow cooker, brown/saute, steamer.

Screen: extra large LCD.

Keep warm function: +

Delay cooking timer: -

Volume: 4 quart (3.8 liter)

Includes: non stick aluminum removable cooking bowl, steaming rack.

Features: glass lid with cool-touch handle, its shape is not round (as in most multi cookers), but oval.

Price: $99.95