silvercrest activity tracker The SAS 87 is a comprehensive fitness tracker that offers step, distance, and calorie tracking, heart rate monitoring, movement reminders, and sleep tracking. It's designed to be comfortable on the wrist, and it even has a warning system to alert you if your heart rate is too high or too slow.

SAS 87 is a highly rated and acclaimed fitness tracker. Many people find it to be a great device to help them stay active and monitor their health.








  Check out this video about the features of SAS 87.

silvercrest activity tracking smartwatch

It has 7 features including:Bluetooth, Steps counting, km counting, food time, timer, sleep mode, and pulse meter.

fitness tracker silvercrest

It comes in a small pack, so you don't pay for more cardboard and plastic than need.

silvercrest tracker

First you need to charge it and then use it.

silvercrest activity tracker charger

We have 69 pulse, this is kinda sus.

silvercrest activity tracker review

 We connected it to a phone, and now it shows perfect time, date, and battery.

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