pitsos air conditioning We're installing the P1ZAI0955W split air conditioner system, which provides both heating and air conditioning capabilities. This 9,000 BTU capacity 2.6 kw precharged inverter kit is designed by the renowned manufacturer Pitsos (Greek trademark for Bosch-Siemens things) and promises energy efficient performance with whisper-quiet operation.

Inverter, ok for small bedrooms, Application area 12-18 m², Airflow rate indoor unit (high): 466 m³h, Cooling Capacity: 9000 (3100-11600) btus/h, Heating Capacity: 10000 (2800-11500) btus/h, Ionizer for removing odors and dust, Filtering and air purification, Self-cleaning indoor unit to avoid bacterial growth, Refrigerant: R32,Sound Power level (indoor unit): 54dB(A) – max, Sound Pressure Level (indoor unit): Low/Mi/Hi – 25/32/38,5dB,Energy Class Cooling/ A++ /, Heating: A+++ SEER energy saving: 6,3, SCOP energy saving: 5,1,Dimensions: W × D × H = 805 × 194 × 285 mm




 Check out this cool video where we install it and unpack it.

pitsos split air conditioning

Wow, this box is large and we bought two of them ;_;

split system aircon

It is so white and so clean.

split ac service near me

It has lots of things in there and the workers which were installing knew what they were doing (we hope so).

ductless air conditioner installation

Here one of them is measuring how much pipe we need.

split system air conditioner installation

This is the air conditioners place it will be installed here.

split ac installation near me

We also require the outdoor fan, of the air conditioner of course.

split ac service

Now they are installing the big fan in a box.

ac installation

split ac repair near me

air conditioning service

The fan is installed and will never fall down (again, we hope so).

ac service

best ac price

 And our air conditioner is ready to give cold and war air!

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