Backpack Burton TrebleWe bought this backpack it in Sports Direct with discount of 35 euro.

The backpack comes equipped with external straps that can be used to carry bulky gear, as well as convenient water bottle pockets on the sides. It offers ample space to accommodate your daily essentials, and also features a compartment designed specifically for laptops or tablets with up to a 16-inch display. Personally, I find that this backpack is a perfect fit for my needs.







  Be sure to check out this captivating video, where we provide an in-depth explanation of the various features of this amazing backpack. 


Looks like you can take your skateboard or roller skates with you on the backside of the backpack.


It also has straps, so your shoulders can not be used so much.

hiking packs

And our skateboard, it doesn't fall out.

women's backpacks with laptop compartmen

Backpack Burton

 Overall, it is a very good backpack with lots of unique features.

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