Fan HeaterI can't remember exactly, but maybe we paid for it not more than 35 euro.

Adjustable temperature (approx. 6-38 °C) and heating time (up to 23 hrs 59 mins)

80° oscillation switch for heat distribution

It also has LCD.

Recessed handle suitable for storing the remote

Tip over shut-off for safety 2 power settings: 1000/2000W

Dimensions: 21 × 31x 14.5 cm

The frost guard function prevents the room temperature from dropping below freezing (automatically turn on if less than 6 °C).


 We guarantee you if you watch this video, you will earn more about Lidl fan heater.

silvercrest ceramic fan heater

If we look on the box, we can see heater fans features.

silvercrest smart ceramic fan heater

You can read all about it at its back side (we are too lazy, so we didn't read it).

lidl ceramic heater

Let's heat up our house a little.

silvercrest fan heater with remote control

Wow, it's warm now, but if you don't use very often the time you will start it will have a strange smell of dust. 

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