wireless paint gun

Batteries powered Parkside spray gun is OK. When you are used to this paint sprayer from lidl you can pain thing faster than by brush. And paint consumption is better.

If paint is too thick, do not hesitate to use the viscometer and adding some water.

Cordless Paint Spray Gun.

Uniform application of paint on smooth and structured surfaces

Wireless Paint Sprayer Parkside suitable for standard paints, varnishes and glazes with a viscosity of up to 70 DIN-sec...



Cordless spray gun from Lidl has adjustable spray head with integrated 400 watt blower

1 small batteries is enough for 25 minutes to pain something.

Paint sprayer got 2 insertable nozzles (Ø 1.8 mm / Ø 2.6 mm)

3 spray patterns that can be set independently of the nozzle: round jet, horizontal and vertical flat

1000 ml paint container

Max.Water flow: 700 ml / min

Technical specifications

Consumption: 400 W.

2x nozzles (Ø 1.8 mm and 2.6 mm)

1x viscosity measuring cup

1x cleaning brush

1x cleaning needle

1x filter

Weight Paint spray system: approx. 1320 g



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