rust on metal frameThe rust is everywhere on the steel frame. Maybe this is because of humidity in the room... What do you think? - Have all beds with steel frame from IKEA same problems?

How can we fix it?

And the point of this article is? After 2 years this loft bed still in use... When I bought it, no one could help me with information - what will be with this bunk bed IKEA SVARTA after two years.... Especially, if a very active boy will sleep on it.
Now we know the bed is OK, but a lot of rust on the frame.


My opinion is:

step 1. Remove the rust with an sandpaper.

step 2. Paint the bed with a paint... (we bought this acrylic paint in the Superhomecentre DIY - 2 euro...)



IMG 8087

IMG 8089


loft bed steel frame damages

IMG 8097

IMG 8101

Like new :)

IMG 8175