lamp liper ledLiper IP65 LPDL 30 A Y Down Light ceiling lamp has great value for a low price.

It was very easy to fit, gives off ample light.

Anti-Insect Design: Integrated design, achieving waterproofing up to the IP65 rating.

It is also waterproof and dustproof from inside.

But the design of it is not that good.







Watch this video for a more accurate review.

Ceiling lamp Liper LED IP65 LPDL Anti-Insect Down Light

It is made by the German company Liper but manufactured in China.

lamp liper led anti insect

In the pack there are some screws and the lamp.

anti mosquito led

I think where we are going to put it will be the only place it will be fitting with this design.

anti mosquito led lamp

This is how it's supposed to look if you flip it after you are finished.

installation lamp led anti insect

Now let's get to work.

anti mosquito lamp price

After some time we are finished and on the ceiling it looks not bad at all. 

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