Landmann grill BBQOur neighbors gave us a Landmann 12371 grill, which they used for 5 years.

However, it had a problem for which it didn't work.

In the burner there was a hole and because of it the grill didn't work.

So today we are going to show you how to repair burner in Landmann 12371 grill.








Watch this video for more details on how to fix the Landmann 12371 grill burner.

grill landmann

First take out everything from the grill.

landmann barbecue

And paint it with heat-resistant paint.

landmann cast iron bbq

Then put on the burner cement visbella (if you don't know, read the about it on our website) and paint the burner also with heat-resistant paint.

landmann dual burner gas bbq

And then try enabling the grill after cement visbella and paint dry. 

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