IKEA family cardThe IKEA Family card is a bonus card, which says on their website.

Gives you a lot of bonuses.

And today we are going to find out if it's true.








When you collect 3,000 points, you can get a €10 discount on your next purchase. If you have 7,500 points, you can get a €30 discount, and with 25,000 points, you can get a discount of €120. They also mentioned that being an IKEA Family member may entitle you to special prices on certain IKEA products. You can identify these special prices by looking for blue IKEA Family labels in the store or online. However, it seems like we are having trouble finding items with these special prices. To obtain an IKEA Family card in store, customers are required to complete their IKEA Family Profile, which includes providing their full name, email address, and residential address. PS. We spend 70 euro, got 1300 points and no discounts and no special prices in our Nicosia IKEA.

IKEA family login

First bonus which is said on the website is the free hot drink from Monday to Friday.

IKEA points

First we are going to eat, and then we are going to try to get our free hot drink.

Ikea account

So we got points, but the cashier said what he doesn't know anything about it and that's why no free coffee for us.

IKEA family discount register

On the website they also say what you can have not 2 weeks to return a product but a whole year!.

Ikea account

And now let's try to find some special blue prices.

IKEA family card benefits

 After checking the entire IKEA, there is none of them. So most of IKEA family card bonuses which are told on the website are a scam.

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