car hire katowice airportThe purpose of this video is to warn people about criminals in rental car companies in Poland who try to steal your money when you rent a car online. Recently, my family and I had a nightmare experience at the Katowice Airport in Poland. We had booked a car from (which is the same website as or with Global Rent a Car OR (FLEX car rental) and paid 138.85 for the car hire charge and 52.56 for full insurance using my card.







However, when we arrived at the airport, the manager of Global Rent a Car AD RYR N (Flex) in Katowice tried to steal our money. He claimed that I needed to buy his private full insurance, even though I already had full insurance from Ryanair. He said that my Ukrainian driver's license was not valid in the European Union without his private full insurance. I explained that we had rented cars before in Italy, Germany, and Greece, and my driver's license was acceptable for many other car rental companies in the EU.

He refused to give us a car without his private insurance, and when I refused to pay more than the total booking cost for another insurance, he closed the door and left the airport, leaving us stranded with our 11-year-old son in the middle of the night without a car or booking or a refund of our money. Our plans to visit and support our relatives and friends from Ukraine in Poland and Germany were in jeopardy.

I want to warn people about Global Rent a Car (or flex) in Katowice and advise not to rent a car from them as they are fraudulent and dangerous. We had to rent a car from another company that night, which cost us a little more and several hours of time. However, my Ukrainian license was acceptable to them. When we returned home, I claimed a refund from, and after a month, they asked for a copy of my driving license and phone logs indicating that I had tried to contact their call center when I was at the airport.

I provided them with the necessary information (in airport their system refused to connect me to a live operator, and they charged my phone in roaming). A few days ago, refunded all my money. I tried to review my experience with Global Rent a Car OR (FLEX), but they canceled my order, and I am unable to do so. Therefore, the ratings of rental car companies on websites are unreliable, and people should not trust them. Based on this experience, now.

1. I will only rent cars from reputable companies with the highest ratings, even if they are more expensive.

2. I will not purchase any additional full insurance from,

3. Next time, I will have backup plans if a rental company refuses to provide me with a car at the airport.

rent a car katowice

So if you are in Poland better to rent Panek car sharing.

katowice airport rental car

We were renting the car from Flex, but we didn't know what Flex is owned by Global, so we give them a review 0/10.

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