Tomatos stuffedIngredients:
800 g tomatoes,
400 g fresh mushrooms,
2 tbsp butter,
3/4 cup cheese cheddar, salt.




Wash large tomatoes.

Tomatos stuffed3

Tomatos stuffed4

Tomatos stuffed5

Tomatos stuffed6

Cut off tops and remove pulp.Squeeze slightly. Stuff the tomato shells with mushroom filling.

Tomatos stuffed1

Tomatos stuffed2
Stuffing: wash fresh mushrooms with water, then scald. Slightly dry them.

Tomatos stuffed7

Tomatos stuffed8

Slice, salt and fry till done. Add in each tomato put the crushed cheese cheddar.

Tomatos stuffed9

Bake them 300 F (150 C) 20 minutes.

Tomatos stuffed10

Tomatos stuffed11

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