Turkey Roll1 1Ingredients:
1.5 kg of turkey or chicken (meat from bones)
8 mushrooms
2 onions
250g liver
1 egg
salt and pepper.
50 gr of sour cream



Gently remove the bones from the turkey (chicken).

Turkey Roll1
Place the turkey (chicken) on the cutting board with the skin down.

Turkey Roll2
Cover with a plastic food wrap and to chop off the meat a little.

Turkey Roll3
Salt and pepper. Cover the meat with a plastic food wrap.

Turkey Roll4
We make the filling:
Pass the liver to the meat grinder. Add the egg, salt and pepper. Fry 2 thin pancakes.

Turkey Roll5

Turkey Roll6

Turkey Roll9

Turkey Roll10
Onions and mushrooms slice and fry.

Turkey Roll7

Turkey Roll8

Turkey Roll11

Turkey Roll12
Lay onions with mushrooms and pancakes from the liver on the meat.

Turkey Roll13
Do one big roll.

Turkey Roll14

Turkey Roll15
Grease the roll with sour cream.

Turkey Roll16
Bake 180 C for 30 minutes.

Turkey Roll17

Turkey Roll
Cut the roll and serve it.

Turkey Roll18

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