Buffalo SteakIngredients
* buffalo steak (your choice of sirloin or tenderloin)
* Salt and freshly ground pepper
* Fresh thyme
* Young garlic
* Zucchini


Season the steak with salt and fresh ground pepper.

Buffalo Steak1 Fry in a pan on a stove or on a fire.

Buffalo Steak2Fry the steak from all sides on a big fire.

Buffalo Steak3 Fresh thyme is placed whole into the pan after turning the steak for the first time to the other side.

Buffalo Steak4 If you want a steak broil medium, then after frying from all sides wrap it in foil, for 10 minutes.

Buffalo Steak5

Buffalo Steak6

Buffalo Steak7
Cut large zucchini and fry them in a skillet, at the end add the chopped young garlic.

Buffalo Steak8

Buffalo Steak9

Buffalo Steak10

Buffalo Steak11

Buffalo Steak12

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