IMG 8176How To Make A DELUXE Croquembouche from lidl step by step. It treat us well... We bought it for 9.99 euro... It was fun to assemble it...

Once your Croquembouche is completed, drizzle chocolate sauce around the tower.

Christmas croquembouche



profiterole tower cake instruction

croquembouche profiteroles parts. how to complete

We lost one stage of tower and found it later

All that glitters is as gold french profiterole tower

all that glitters is not gold - the paper :)

profiterole tower to make by self

cakes for tower are tasty

how to make a profiterole tower

It was not easy to complete tower without one stage :) We used chocolate as clue...

IMG 8221

But our tower was OK...

drizzle chocolate sauce around the tower

And very tasty.