Jelly Assorti140-200 g sugar,
30 g gelatin,
1 g citric acid,
0.15 g vanilla for milk jelly,
150 g peaches or 100 g kiwi or 350 g strawberries or 4 lemons or 800 g milk.








Icily can be prepared from fresh or canned berries, fruit or combined fruit, milk and milk products.

Jelly Assorti1Squeeze juice out of citric fruits and berries. Cook sliced fruits and skins of berries, cool and strain. Add sugar and citric acid to fruit and only sugar to strained stock or milk.

Jelly Assorti2Bring to the boiling point. Remove foam. Add gelatin (soaked) and stir till dissolved. Bring to the boiling point.

Jelly Assorti4 Remove from heat. Add vanilla to the milk syrup, and juice to the fruit stock - berry and citric fruits. Strain and cool each portion separately. Pour the cooled jelly into moulds or those made from citric and peaches peels.

Jelly Assorti5
Serve whole or cut into slices.