Peaches and Cream Jello This jelly is just for you, just need four simple ingredients. To make it jelly, two boxes of peach-flavored six ounce jell-o, two packs of unbound gelatin. Then a capacity of 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk and finally a jar of sliced ​​peaches.





Therefore, to begin with, we make the first jell-o package in accordance with the instructions of the package.

 Peaches and Cream Jello1

So, we have two cups of boiling water, and we just mix them about two cups, so mix until it completely dissolves, and now we add ice water. Well, now you want to transfer it to a 9-12 baking glass and you are going to cool it for about an hour and a half or until it is fully installed once your peach yolk layer is in the refrigerator, at least, 45 minutes.
You can start working on your cream layer.

Peaches and Cream Jello2

So, we have two of our packages of unpristened gelatin, which are placed in a medium bowl, and then immediately add one cup of boiling hot water, and you want to mix it until it completely dissolves, it looks completely dissolved now. So we are going to add one cup of cold water that is together, and then finally we will add our jar of sweetened condensed milk, just stir it until it is well combined and then leave it at room temperature in for about 45 minutes.

Peaches and Cream Jello3

Ok, now you can see that this mixture starts to get thicker and we do not want it too thick, because we want it to be still liquid, so just go ahead and pour this mixture of cream directly on top of your set jelly. Well, now we'll have a little bit of it in the fridge, and when it's almost installed. Then we are going to fold the top with pinches so that the cream layer keeps the peaches in place, while you wait for your cream layer to thicken, you can go ahead and cut the peaches. I will cut them in half, so that they are about half an inch thick about five minutes later.

Peaches and Cream Jello4

You are ready to place your peaches, just ordering them, as you like. So just cool your jelly until it is fully installed so immediately that you can start working on your last layer of jelly. To again just make it in accordance with the packing instructions very well and I again used ice water to make this mixture cool faster, soon when this jelly will be at room temperature.

Peaches and Cream Jello5

You can gently pour it over your peaches right now, we're going to jump out onto the refrigerator until it's fully installed, and then it will be ready.

Peaches and Cream Jello6