Chocolate cookies with speciesIngredients
75 g of butter
5 tablespoons of sugar powder
3 tablespoons of flour
50 g of grinded almonds or filbert
50 g of finely grinded citrus peel
25 g of raisins
25 g of candied cherries
150 g of milk chocolate
one pinch of ground cloves
one pinch of ginger
one pinch of cinnamon
one pinch of ground chilly

1. Heat an oven up to 180°C Cover big backing tray with paper for backing. Heat butter and sugar together into a sauce pan up to full dissolution of sugar. Add flour and stir. Add nuts, citrus peel mixture, grinded raisins and cherry.
2. Made up mixture put on the tray by teaspoon, keep pieces of paste far from each other. Flatten each hillock of paste slighdy. May be you would need the second tray. Bake the cookies for 10 minutes.
3. Straighten their edges by side of knife meanwhile the cookies are hot enough. Leave cookies to cool down. Melt pieces of milk chocolate in a bowl on water bath.
4. Add species, ground chilly, and stir carefully. Spread this mixture on flatten side of cookies and cool down.