picnic avaIt's spring. The weather is getting better and better. People start thinking about outdoor strolls and picnics. But if you're planning a picnic, you should pick the right products, snacks and drinks for it, not mentioning the utensils. Believe me, you don't want an upset stomach after a meal in the lap of nature. Several main rules of eating outdoors will help you to have a really good time at the picnic without any bad consequences.

Picnic main rules

  1. Choose only non-perishable products.
  2. Prefer fruits, berries, greens and vegetables to meat.
  3. If you want to bring meat, pick ham, biltong, dried meat, smoked meat and so on. Avoid boiled or fried meat.
  4. Wash fruits, berries and vegetables at home before picnic.
  5. Take fresh water with you in case if you need to wash hands or food.
  6. Don't forget something to drink (water, juice, tea/coffee, etc.).
  7. Take a picnic set with you, including utensils, a knife, napkins.
  8. Of course, always clean up all your picnic trash. If there's no trash bin or container, take your trash with you and get rid of it at home.

Choose a picnic set

There are lots of different picnic sets and baskets which you're able to buy and use. But you can also make up your own one. Items you need:

  • picnic basket, bag or backpack. You need something to pack all your food and utensils. If you're going far away for a picnic, choose a backpack. If your favorite picnic place isn't far, you can use a basket as well;
  • blanket to sit on;
  • 2 plates, 2 cups, goblets or glasses, 2 spoons, folks and knives (if it's a picnic for two);
  • thermos for hot drinks;
  • several cotton napkins and several paper napkins;
  • corkscrew to open a bottle of wine;
  • salt and pepper shakers;
  • wooden cutting board and a knife.

Food, snacks and drinks for a picnic

The best food for a picnic is fresh fruits and berries, fresh or pickled vegetables, cheese, pizza, sandwiches, eggs, fruit bread and pies, and cookies.

Try to avoid fresh and boiled meat, seafood, dishes that aren't convenient for eating outdoors (for example, porridge or soup), chocolate, jelly and ice-cream (they melt in the sun), cakes with cream (cream can turn sour).

Prefer appetizers and snacks to garnishes, raw vegetables to salads.

Here you are some nice and quick recipes of picnic snacks and dishes.

Picnic food:

Chocolate cookies with species

Bruschetta snacks

Marinated mushrooms

Ham and asparagus party roll-ups

Italian tricolor kebabs

Spinach & mushroom roulade

Pinwheel sandwiches

Sin-free oriental and spicy herb dips

Baked sweet potato

Baked Pineapple Slices

Barbecued Marshmallows

Caramelized Pineapple

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Pesto pizzelle

Cracker Sandwiches with Bananas

Toasted Cucumber and Ham Sandwich

Picnic drinks:

Berry juice

Lemon spritz

Hot drinking chocolate

Watermelon cocktail

Lemonade with Pine Needle

Mocha coffee

Drink Ukrainsky

Fresh Lemonade

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