supermarket-in-us avaThe largest retail chains in the world and in US are supermarket and grocery store chains. Supermarkets, discount stores and grocery stores have the biggest popularity in our country. Among top-10 biggest store chains in US there are national and international chains. Most of them are American chains of stores, others – European. Some of national retail chains work rather aggressively with their competitors inside and outside the country, others – prefer loyal politics to the customers and regular sales and discounts.


1. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

WalmartCountry of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1962.
Products: apparel/footwear specialty stores, cash & carry/warehouse clubs, discount stores, hypermarkets, supercenters, superstores, supermarkets.
Number of supermarkets: 4,800.
Total number of supermarkets: 11,137.
Banners: Walmart, Walmart Express, Sam's Club, Sam Walton's, Supermercado de Walmart etc.
Revenue: $476.294 billion in 2014.

Wal-Mart is the biggest American multinational retail corporation. It operates more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries, under 69 different names. It also is the biggest retailer in the world. Walmart is a family-owned business, it is controlled by the Walton family (they own more than 50% of business).

Wal-Mart corporation has a great popularity in US, but also there is a great criticism not only by labor unions and environmental groups, but also by ordinary people in America.


2. SuperValu, Inc.

SuperValuCountry of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1926.
Products: supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, discount stores.
Number of supermarkets: 2,505.
Banners: Cub Foods, Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy, Hornbacher's, Save-A-Lot, Shop 'n Save, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, Supervalu Pharmacies.
Revenue: $34.327 billion in 2013.

SuperValu is a large store chain, the third-largest food retailing company in the US. It operates 2,505 food, food and drug stores. It also has 878 in-store pharmacies. SuperValu has a lot of its own private label brands, like Farm Fresh, Heritage, Baby Basics etc.


3. Kroger

krogerCountry of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1883.
Products: convenience stores, supercenters/superstores, other specialty stores, supermarkets.
Number of supermarkets: 2,424.
Banners: Kroger, Ralphs, Baker's Supermarkets, City Market, Dillons Food Stores, King Soopers, Owen's, Scott's, Smith's, Foods Co., Food 4 Less, Ruler Foods, Kwik Shop, Tom Thumb Food Stores and many others.
Revenue: $96.751 billion in 2013.

Kroger is a very large and developed national US chain of stores. It is the second-largest general retailer, after Walmart. Kroger not only sales products, but also manufactures a lot of things. It has several private brands, like Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers.


4. Target Corporation

Target-CorporationCountry of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1902.
Products: discount department stores, hypermarkets, supercenters, superstores.
Number of supermarkets: 1,797.
Total number of supermarkets: 1,924.
Banners: Target, PFresh, SuperTarget, CityTarget.
Revenue: $72.6 billion in 2013.

Target Corporation is the second-largest discount retailer in the US. It operates stores in US and Canada. In 2013 Target Corporation was involved in a great scandal, it was accused in divulgation of customer credit and debit card records. All that influenced business badly.


5. Aldi

aldiCountry of origin: Germany.
Foundation date: 1913.
Products: discount stores, supermarkets.
Number of supermarkets in US: 1,599 (both groups).
Total number of supermarkets: 9,235.
Banners: Aldi Süd, Aldi Markt.
Revenue: €53 billion ($69 billion) in 2009.

Aldi is an international supermarket chain. There are Aldi stores in Europe, US, Australia etc. This chain is made of two separate groups: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. In US first Aldi store opened in 1976 (Süd) and 1979 (Nord).


6. Delhaize Group

Delhaize-GroupCountry of origin: Belgium.
Foundation date: 1867.
Products: supermarkets, neighborhood stores, convenience stores, specialty stores, discounts.
Number of supermarkets in US: 1,553.
Total number of supermarkets: 3,451.
Banners in US: Delhaize America, Food Lion, Bottom Dollar Food, Hannaford Brothers Company, Harveys, Sweetbay.
Revenue: €20.85 billion ($27 billion) in 2010.

It is an international supermarket chain. Delhaize Group stores are located in Europe, US and Asia.


7. Safeway Inc.

Safeway 1Country of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1915.
Products: grocery stores, supermarkets.
Number of supermarkets: 1,335.
Banners: Safeway, Carrs-Safeway, Pak'n Save, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Vons.
Revenue: $36.139 billion in 2013.

It's one of the biggest supermarket chains in North America. Safeway has its own private label and manufactures several groups of products, including organically grown products.


8. Kmart (K-Mart)

KmartCountry of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1899.
Products: discount department stores.
Number of supermarkets: 1,221.
Banners: Kmart, K-Mart, KDollar, Super Kmart, Big Kmart.
Revenue: $15.593 billion in 2010.

Kmart is a national American store chain. It became known and very popular thanks to its extraordinary sales and discounts, named "Blue Light Specials" – one of the store workers lights up a mobile police light and offers a discount in a specific department of the store. Actually well-known in US phrase "attention Kmart shoppers" appeared in this chain of discount department stores.


9. Albertsons LLC

AlbertsonsCountry of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1939.
Products: grocery stores.
Number of supermarkets: 1,075.
Banners: Acme Markets, Albertsons, Amigos, Jewel-Osco, Lucky Stores, Market Street, Osco Pharmacy, Sav-on Pharmacy, Shaw's and Star Market, Super Saver Foods, United Supermarkets.
Revenue: $21 billion in 2013.

Albertsons is an American national supermarket chain. Also this store chain is very technologically developed – it has such progressive systems as "check out while you go" and "Shop 'N' Scan". Customers can buy products by internet, all the items are delivered to their homes.


10. Trader Joe's

Trader-JoesCountry of origin: US.
Foundation date: 1958.
Products: organic food stores, specialty stores, grocery stores.
Number of supermarkets: 408.
Banners: Trader Joe's
Revenue: $11 billion in 2011.

This chain is not as big as previous store chains. But its stores are located in 31 states of America. And what is special in Trader Joe's – in 2008 it had the highest sales per square foot of any grocer in the U.S. Since then the sales grew even bigger.

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