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Steaming Shrimps in an Electric Food SteamerSteaming seafood, especially shrimps, in an electric food steamer is almost fool proof, for having perfectly cooked fish and seafood.


With an electric food steamer you just put your seafood in, fill it with water, set the timer and then you're free to do something else. We have cooked hundreds of pounds of shrimps in one of these. Once you get on to cooking with a food steamer, you will be cooking your entire meal in it.

Shrimp is one of the easiest shellfish to cook.

Steaming Shrimps

The Rule number one in cooking fresh shrimps is to start with a high quality shrimps! Don't Overcook Them.

We prefer to buy raw shrimps in shells for any plan of cooking them. They are less processed and the result is - better taste. Shrimps are very easy to peel and deveine.

Already peeled and deveined shrimp looses a lot of it's flavor when it is processed. The same goes for cooked peeled and deveined shrimps, as for me, there is just not as much flavor as a shell on shrimp.

What are the proper instructions for steam cooking shrimps?

Simple - get a steamer - put your shrimps in, fill steamer with couple of inches of water, set the timer - check shrimps after a couple of minutes to check if they're ready. Depending on the size of shrimps and the amount of them you can determine the exact cooking time. The color of shrimps should be nice and pink, almost red - if you are cooking them in the shell. If cooking without shell shrimps should be just opaque or they will be tough.

Just add the right amount of water recommended for the amount of shrimps you are cooking and let it cook them.{jcomments on}