holiday-foodSome holidays we celebrate every year and know everything about them. Other special days are a mystery for us: sometimes we can't even name their date. But there is plenty of entertaining holidays; and many of them are connected with food. That's why we offer you a list of holidays and days of the year in June with corresponding food recipes. Cook funny and surprise your family with a special day menu.

picnic avaIt's spring. The weather is getting better and better. People start thinking about outdoor strolls and picnics. But if you're planning a picnic, you should pick the right products, snacks and drinks for it, not mentioning the utensils. Believe me, you don't want an upset stomach after a meal in the lap of nature. Several main rules of eating outdoors will help you to have a really good time at the picnic without any bad consequences.

easter avaEaster is a holiday beloved by children in many countries because Easter food and events are funny, interesting and nice. This holiday means Easter rabbit (bunny), Easter eggs, delicious meat dishes, Easter candies, Easter parades and so on. That's why not only orthodox Christians celebrate it, but different people all around the world also do. They cook Easter dinner, invite friends for barbeque, organize competitions for children and go for a picnic. Also many countries have their own traditional Easter food.

African-Cuisine avaAfrican cuisine is a combination of locally available vegetables, fruits, cereal grains, and also milk and meat products. Often the cuisine differs much from region to region. But almost any traditional African food is surprising and extraordinary for foreigners. Learn more about the national dishes of various African countries, try to cook it and expand your knowledge about best world cuisines.

Valentines-DayThe Valentine's Day can become a real headache if you've got a limited budget. But several tricks will make your loved one happy and satisfied, and your wallet won't be empty though. That doesn't mean that you're saving on your partner. Everyone knows that attention, time and love mean much more than money. So, organize your Valentine's Day with savvy and wisdom.

pasta avaA lot of people like pasta and eat it rather often. But you can't imagine how many various types of pasta exist. There is long pasta, short-cut pasta, ribbon-cut pasta, decorative cut pasta, minute pasta, stuffed pasta, and irregular shape pasta. If you want to diversify your meals, use any unusual pasta shapes for your dishes. Also we offer you some pasta recipes.

cheesecakeCheesecake is one of favourite American cakes. But it isn't easy to make this cake. There are lots of different peculiarities which you should know, because it is very easy to spoil a cheesecake. If it falls or cracks, it is ruined. So be very attentive and follow all the rules when baking it. Especially be careful with time and temperature. Good luck.

Christmas-table avaChristmas is a favorite holiday of people all around the world. It is celebrated in Europe (France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy etc.), Asia (India, Philippines, Lebanon), America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc.) and Oceania (Australia, New Zeland). But for United States Christmas has a special and very important meaning. People meat with their family and relatives, spend time together, and exchange wishes and gifts. Some of us see our loved ones only on the Christmas Eve. That's why the festive table on this day has to be perfect. We are ready to give you some interesting recipes of the most delicious Christmas dishes.

winter-ingredients avaSometimes it is hard to cook something interesting and healthy in winter, because there are less fresh fruit and vegetables. Especially organic food isn't available in its whole variety. But still you can find some ingredients that are typical winter products. Try to diversify your diet/meal, use more fruit and vegetables which can be bought mainly in winter. We'll help you to choose several good recipes for winter set of ingredients.

halloween avaHalloween is one of the favourite American holidays. Its atmosphere is exciting and fascinating. People decorate their houses with various Halloween stuff. We offer you some ideas and tips that will help you to decorate the Halloween party table as well. Try to serve not boring ordinary dishes for the party, but to make your table really Halloween-style.

pan avaEvery pot or pan was designed for a certain cooking technique or even dish. We often don't think about that and use our pans not properly. But sometimes it can lead to spoiling a dish or even kitchen equipment. So, let's find out a little bit more about pots and pans we use.

multi-cooker avaTo tell you the truth, multi cooker is the best electric devise for every housewife, mother, woman. It can make the cooking of tasty and healthy food your favorite and very easy everyday work. You will eat freshly prepared food more often and it won't get too much of your time and efforts. Some people think that multi cooker is too expensive for their family. Let's find out if it is true.

microwave ttlMicrowave is a short-lived, high-frequency electro-magnetic wave. It heats up food by penetrating it to a depth of up to an inch and a half (4 cm) and activating the molecules of water and fat and sugar, making them vibrate at millions of times a second. This produces heat by friction and this heat travels in food by conduction, passing from particle to particle, until the centre is reached. It is safe. There is top-5 best microwave ovens from $70 to 100 in USA 2014.

hawaiian-food avaThe cuisine of Hawaiian islands is very different to US mainland. It has its own peculiarities: locals cook and eat fresh vegetables and fruit, freshly caught seafood, and fresh meat of farmed and wild animals. Very often Hawaiians eat raw food, because it's cheap and easy to get. Main dishes in Hawaii usually include garnish, meat or fish and pickles or fresh vegetables. A lot of dishes were brought to Hawaii from different other cuisines and cultures, like Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and so on. If you're visiting Hawaiian islands, you're ought to try local food.


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