Some Tips about Sweet Potatoes


potato_cSweet potatoes are very delicious, so people use them in cooking. "Amukeke" (sun dried slices of storage roots) and "Inginyo" (sun dried crushed storage roots) are a staple food for people in north-eastern Uganda (Abidin, 2004).

Amukeke is mainly for breakfast, eaten with peanut sauce. People generally eat this food while they are drinking a cup of tea in the morning, around 10 am. Inginyo will be mixed with cassava flour and tamarind, to make food called "atapa". People eat "atapa" with smoked fish cooked in peanut sauce or with dried cowpea leaves cooked in peanut sauce.

Sweet potatoes should be uniformly light-tan-colored. Do not purchase if they have white areas or are damaged; this probably means decay.

Sweet potatoes store well. If you grow your own, they will be sweeter when allowed to age for a month or so (the very minute they are harvested, sugar starts to form).

To peel sweet potatoes easily, take them from boiling water and immerse immediately in very cold water. The skins will almost fall off by themselves.

TIP: To keep raw sweet potatoes from turning dark when peeling, place them in one quart water mixed with 3 tablespoons lemon juice for a few minutes. Drain well before using.

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