Secrets and Recipes of Spirits and Cocktails


spirits cAll around the world people enjoy spirits: they drink pure strong drinks, make cocktails, organize degustations and use spirits in cooking. There is such a great variety of different spirits that everybody can pick one of them according to his/her taste, mood and desire. For some people alcohol has become an absolute evil, some of us can't relax and rest after a hard day without spirits, there are also those, who doesn't drink alcohol at all. Everyone makes his own choice. But there are few people, who has never tasted spirits.

The history of spirits

The first alcohol drink was made in Asia approximately in 800 B.C. It was rice-based. Later – in 500 A.D. – in Britain people made mead, honey-based alcohol beverage.

3,000 years after that first brandy was made the Muslim provinces of the Mediterranean. Arab alchemist invented it, very soon brandy became an international favourite drink.

The world famous and favourite beverage Vodka was firstly made in Eastern Europe the early 1400s. It was and still is nowadays one of the cheapest alcohol beverages. At first people used vodka in medicine and to warm themselves in cold climates. But shortly they began to drink it at celebrations and just every day. Russia is still suffering from global alcoholism.

By the 1500s people all around the world began to invent and drink home-made spirits of those plants, that grew in their country. There appeared tequila in Mexico (made of agave), gin in Denmark (made of juniper berry), whisky (made of barley and rye) in Scotland or Ireland (heaven knows who was the first), rum (made of sugar cane) in India, China, Malaysia.

Nowadays different countries produce all the variety of world spirits. Consumers have the possibility to make alcohol beverages at home, buy them in stores, go to bars and restaurants to have a drink, exchange spirits with neighbours.

Some secrets of world famous spirits

1. It is preferable to drink tequila with salt and lemon. These ingredients kill the specific smack of this drink and make its taste milder.

2. You can drink pure vodka but it is much more delicious to use it in a cocktail. If you get drunk very easy don't mix vodka with champagne in one cocktail.

3. When making a cocktail always pair right spirits, pay much attention to the ingredients. Because some beverages have strong flavour and another – don't. Not any ingredient can be combined in a cocktail.

4. Try to serve appetizers or snacks to spirits at a home party. They'll help not to make drunkards.

5. If you want to decorate your cocktail, garnish it with fruits, herbs and decorative elements. Very often mint, oranges, lemons and strawberries are used.

6. Any drink demands appropriate glasses. Try to use them, if you're making a home party with alcohol beverages.

Spirit recipes

Sidecar cocktail

Cocktail Blue Laguna

Mulled Wine

Hot Whisky Toddy

Lemon spritz

Cafe Fraiche Cocktail

Ginger and Chocolate Smoothie

Summer Fruit Crush

Grenadine Smoothie

Tropical Vodka Smoothie

Black Forest Shake

Ilicit Affair

Sixty Nine Sling Cocktail

Russian Punch Cocktail

Daiquiri Cocktail

After Dinner Cocktail

Apple Mojito Cocktail

Raspberry Mojito Cocktail

Rainbow Punch Cocktail

Mojito Cocktail

Benjamin Franklin's Spiced Brandy Punch

Vodka with crushed lime & mint

Watermelon mai tai

Guava & lime cocktail

Old Fashioned Swedish Glogg


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