Italian Cuisine. Make a Home Party in Italian Style


italian-partyItalian cuisine is ideal for home cooking. It is very easy and loyal to inexperienced chiefs. Most Italian dishes need just a few ingredients. And there is one more peculiarity – Italian housewives rely on the quality of ingredients, and not on cooking skills. All that makes Italian cuisine very good for home parties. You just need to go shopping, prepare food quickly (several hours), serve the table and have fun.

What to cook

The most popular and well-known Italian dishes are: pizza, lasagna, pasta (especially spaghetti), risotto, calzones and calzoncelli and so on. But there are also lots of dishes that we know not so well. Let's choose dishes that are ideal for parties.

If you're going to lay the table, cook lasagna – most people like it and it looks very nice. Pizza is good for any party, tastes great and has lots of varieties. Pizza dough is very good for different finger dishes: bites, canapés, small pizzas etc.

Other finger dishes:

  • Arancini di Riso – rice balls with different filling, rolled in breadcrumbs, and fried until golden;
  • Breaded Mussels – very tasty shellfish dish;
  • Gorgonzola cream – nice cheese dip for red meat;
  • Pizza Rolls – pizza dough with stuffing rolled and baked (sometimes rolled, baked and cut into pieces).

Italian cuisine recipes are mostly based on pastry, seafood, raw and cooked vegetables, cheese, red meat, olive oil and spices. So if you're thinking about making a vegetarian party, Italian food would be great for it. For veggie party you can cook Peppers stuffed with pasta, Fish & pasta pie, Bolognese soufflé, Baked fish with vegetables and so on.

How to serve

What to start with? Actually, in Italy a meal is served not as it is in America. The 1st rule: soup and pasta are served at the beginning, then salad. In US we have vice versa.

You can organize your dinner the next way: serve Portate – a full meal with three to six courses, not including the appetizers. First course can be similar to American (soup, pasta, polenta and so on). Second course can consist of plate of seafood, poultry or game, meat, an omelet or a cooked cheese or vegetable dish. As a side dish serve salad, cooked vegetables, rice, noodles or polenta.

In the end of the meal Italians usually have dessert. There can be a cheese plate, or some fruit and sweets. After dessert you can serve strong black coffee in small cups. Coffee is sometimes followed with brandy or grappa, a bitter amaro, anise-flavored sambuca or a sweet wine. Beverages (like wine) could be also served with each course.

Italian Recipes

Dishes for party

Cheesy Garden Casserole

Pasta A'La Primavera

Fast soup «Minestrone»

Creamy Stuffed Conghiglie

Basil Spaghetti & Cherry Tomatoes

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom lasagne

Chilli Calzone

Pasta shells with salmon and caviare

Cannelloni Pasta with Bechamel Sauce

Italian tonno con fagiole

Italian stuffed peaches

Vegetarian lasagne

Vegetarian bolognese

Vermicelli & chick peas

Beef & macaroni strudel

Stuffed peppers

Bolognese souffle

Baked cod italienne

Vermicelli timballo

Devilled crab

Kidney & pasta turbigo

Smoked fish lasagne

Fish & pasta ring

Spinach pasta roll

Four cheese bucatini

Tortellini & tomato


Shellfish sauce

Chicken liver calzoni


Neopolitan peppers



Finger dishes

Bruschetta snacks

Italian tricolore kebabs

Crostini toasts

Polenta bread

Ham & salami calzoncelli

Salmon calzoncelli

Pizza ring

Watercress pizza rolls

Mozzolive bites

Pizza canapes

Asparagus ham squares

Pesto pizzelle

Ham & tomato bites

Avocado & crab bites

Cheese & onion pizzas

French bread pizza

Devilled muffins

Crumpet pizzas

Stuffed mushrooms

Smoked eel appetizers




Lemon jelly cups

Pancakes stuffed with loganberries

Satsumas with Rum and Raisins

Mixed Fruit Kebabs

Baked Bananas

Baked Pineapple Slices

Peach Packets

Barbados Baked Pineapple

Summer fruit yoghurt ice cream

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