Sin-Free Bites: Recipes and Fresh Ideas


light-biteIf you're feeling peckish, try one of our creative Sin-free bites, which you will find in the following article. They are all quick and easy to make, and many are Sin-free on both the Original and Green Eating Plans. You can enjoy them as light, healthy meals when you rush in from work and don't have much time to cook.


Baked sweet potato

Sweet potatoes can be baked in their skins, speared with a skewer, then eaten with very low fat natural yogurt, chopped chillies and coriander, or they can be cut into wedges and then dusted with aromatic spices, as in the recipe below.


Sin-free oriental and spicy herb dips

Both the dips and the dippers can be made in advance and then kept in sealed containers in the refrigerator for the moments when you get a "snack attack". You could serve these dips with a selection of vegetable crudites (as shown opposite) or with the Cajun grilled vegetables.


Fragrant summer stuffed tomatoes

You don't have to bake or grill stuffed tomatoes. For a quick snack, just slice off the top of a tomato, scoop out the seeds and fill it with a delicious creamy mixture. If you like hot, spicy food, you could add a dash of chilli sauce.


Spinach and garlic dip with roasted vegetables

Sin-free roasted vegetables taste delicious served with a vivid green spinach dip. Of course, you can keep the dip in the refrigerator and eat it with raw vegetable dippers instead.


Boiled egg and dippers

What could be simpler than a plain boiled egg cooked to perfection – the white firm but the orange yolk still runny – with fresh green vegetable dippers? A really quick and nutritious snack.


Tomato-baked eggs

A quick, easily prepared snack, which would make a tasty supper or light lunch. You must use the really large beefsteak tomatoes as smaller tomatoes are not big enough to enclose the eggs.


Cajun grilled vegetables

Serve these Cajun blackened vegetables with the Creole salsa or a simple mixture of very low fat natural fromage frais flavoured with chopped mint and sea salt. You can use a selection of the vegetables listed in the ingredients below.


Italian stuffed peaches

Here's an unusual savoury way of eating juicy fresh peaches, stuffed with very low fat natural fromage frais and fresh herbs. This savoury way of serving peaches is very popular in Italy.


More ideas for Sin-free snacks

Stuffed vegetables

Many salad vegetables, such as celery sticks, tomatoes (of all sizes), cucumber, red, yellow and orange peppers, and radicchio or chicory leaves, can be filled or topped with very low fat natural fromage frais or cheese, which has been flavored with chopped herbs, ground spices or finely chopped vegetables.

Sin-free salads

Conjure up a quick salad with a selection of salad vegetables – whatever you have in the refrigerator. Add some finelly chopped fresh herbs or edible flowers (optional), some fresh fruit (e.g. orange or grapefruit segments, diced apple or pear, sliced peach or nectarine) and toss in some fat free vinaigrette dressing.

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