Buying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Home-Made Juices


Buying-Fresh-Fruits-and-Vegetables_cProduce bought for juicing should be as fresh and as high a quality as your budget will stretch to, ensuring a better-tasting and more nutritionally complete juice. Watch out for mature and ripe produce, which will contain more vitamins and minerals. For example, although the mature outer leaves of a cabbage or lettuce may look unappealing, they contain the most nutrients and are therefore very valuable in juicing terms - just think, you won't actually have to chew on a leaf!

The riper, more mature fruits and vegetables will also be easier to juice, and easier for your stomach to digest. Avoid buying produce that looks as though it has been sitting around for too long, is bruised, going droopy, or losing its colour. Juicing uses up a lot of fruit and vegetables, so it's probably best to do a bulk buy every three or four days to stock up on juicing material.

The Benefits of Organic

Organic fruit and vegetables tend to be more expensive than standard varieties, and are less widely available, and of limited range, but they do have their advantages. First of all, their proponents say that they taste better, and second comes the reassuring fact that they have not been exposed to any chemical treatments. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or growth inhibitors (used while produce is in storage or transportation). This means that there will be no chemical residues lurking in the skin or outer layer of the produce. In addition, organic produce is not waxed; standard cucumbers and oranges often are.

If a fruit or vegetable has thick rind or skin it doesn't really make much difference, because the residues won't penetrate the inner flesh, and you will probably have to remove the find/skin to juice the contents. The problem comes with thin-skinned produce like carrots, cucumbers, peaches and apples, which we might scrub, but don't usually peel. We could be ingesting an invisible layer of chemicals and wax without even realizing it. So why not peel everything? The best reason is that a significant amount of nutrients usually lie in the thin peel, and we would lose out by throwing it away. Buying organic means that you don't have to worry about any of this and can juice whichever peel you like.

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