Soups and Stocks Are Good Meals for Diets


soupA soup can be a thin broth or a hearty meal. Home-made lentil and vegetable soup is low in fat, cheap and easy to make. Served with bread, it makes a good filling meal on a winter's day. If you're on diet eat soups and stocks - they give you nutritious and no fat.


Ready-made soups

The most nutritious soups are probably those made at home from freshly prepared produce. However, a wide variety of soups can be bought canned, dried or fresh-chilled which are perfect for a snack or meal. Remember to check the label for salt content and to see how much protein and energy one portion provides.


The basis for soup is often a stock, made by cooking vegetables or meat or fish bones with seasoning and herbs and straining off the resulting liquor. The stock gives the soup its flavour. Try to use home-made stock rather than stock cubes, which have little nutritional content and tend to be high in salt.

Soup recipes:

We have many recipes of soups, stocks and stews on our website. Here are the most interesting of them:

Beetroot and celery soup


Bruinebonensoep: Bean soup

Cauliflower soup with cheese puffs

Chicken Flower Soup

Chilled melon soup

Consomme with tagliatelle

Efo - vegetable soup

French onion soup

Hearty chicken soup

Ila (okra) - Nigerian soup

Meats Yushka

Raspberry and tomato soup

Russian Mushroom and Potato Soup

Tofu Noodle Soup

Ukrainian Borsch with pampushkas

Split Pea Soup with Sausage

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