How to Make Boiled and Roasted Ham at Home (+ video)


hamHam is a leg of pork, which is preserved by various salting methods. Today there is a wide choice of ham available from supermarkets and delicatessens. It is a good source of protein, but buy leaner cuts of meat for a healthy diet. As it is a very delicious and nice-looking dish, try to make boiled and roasted ham at home. We offer you a great recipe: ham boiled in cider and roasted with cloves and honey.



Because of the salting process ham has a fairly high salt content.

Other ham

The sliced ham available in shops is sometimes formed from lean reconstituted meat. It will have a slightly higher water content, but is tasty. It is a good protein source and quite low in fat. It is excellent for sandwiches and salads.

Choice cut

The best and tastiest ham is carved from the bone, and is lean, pale pink and slightly dry looking. This is expensive, but perfect for salads and sandwiches. Try boiling or roasting your own ham joint, either boned and rolled or on the bone for a special occasion. It is delicious hot or cold.


Ham boiled in cider and roasted with cloves and honey

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