What Low Fat Foods to Eat in Fast Food


Fast-Food_cMost takeaway fast foods - fish and chips, chicken and chips, burger and chips, pizza - ore high in fat and salt. These are fine if eaten occasionally, but not every day. But we often have to eat in fast food. Actually, there are some low fat and healthy dishes in such restaurants. So what foods and products to choose not to injure our health.


Being selective

Busy lifestyles can mean that fast foods are a necessity, but try to be selective and find foods that are lower in fat and contain a wide range of nutrients.

A hamburger (no cheese) in a bun, with lettuce and ketchup is better eaten without chips. Try a doner kebab, usually served in pitta bread with salad, or choose jacket potatoes. Potatoes are low in fat, but resist adding butter or a mayonnaise-based filling - baked beans in a baked potato are low fat and make a good meal. A hot dog with mustard or ketchup but without onions, is another lower fat alternative.

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