Rules and Tips of Roasting Meats in Microwave


Roasting-Meats-in-Microwave_cAlways buy prime cuts of meat for microwaving; they should be roasted on no higher setting than medium and if a cut proves tougher than expected, braise it on low (or defrost), with extra vegetables, sliced in a little stock.

Roast meats on a microproof plastic trivet so that the cooking juices drain away and the joint doesn't boil in its own juice! Cover, during cooking, with a split roasting bag to prevent any fat from spattering inside the cooker and shield any thin parts - the end of a leg of lamb for example - by wrapping in a little foil, or it will cook before the rest of the joint.

At the end of the cooking time, wrap the meat in foil, shiny side in, and leave it to stand for 15-20 minutes, depending on the cut of the meat and the size of the joint. It will finish cooking and be easier to carve. Meat on the bone tends to cook a little quicker than a boned joint. Be guided by the cooking times below:


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