Chinese Cuisine. Cook Noodles and Rice


Noodles-and-RiceNoodles are among the quickest foods to cook, and rice, while it takes a little longer, re-heats nicely and so can be prepared in advance. Indeed, some rice dishes require re-heated rice. Asian cities are filled with street stalls and wagons that sell the area's 'fast food', rice and noodles, for a quick meal or snack. These are warming and satisfying dishes, easy to serve and as easy to make. They are the perfect base for a one-dish meal.

Some of the preparation for a rice dish can be done ahead of time, and once the rice is made the rest of the dish is rapidly put together. In most of the noodle recipes I use rice noodles for convenience. These keep indefinitely in their dried state, needing no refrigeration. They require very little cooking - not even the short boiling that egg noodles and pasta need - and can be placed directly into the dish being prepared. If time is really at a premium, rely on rice noodles.

Many of the dishes in this section may serve as part of a larger meal or simply as a light meal in themselves - rice and pasta are quite satisfying. Some of the recipes can be served at room temperature for a buffet or as exotic picnic fare. Use them creatively and imaginatively, to suit your own taste and needs.

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