Make Diet-friendly Cool Desserts for Hot Summer Days


desserts_cHot days call for cool desserts. But they don't need to be heavy and calorie-packed to satisfy. We offer you some recipes of diet-friendly cool desserts and a piece of good advice on how to prepare light desserts: Waffle Sandwiches with Fruit and Ice Cream, Ice Cream-Fruit Tarts, Ice Cream-Fruit Milkshakes, Peach and Ginger Ice Cream, Watermelon Granita.

By Kathryn Rem

Some suggestions for light summer sweets:

- Build shortcakes with store-bought angel-food cake, whipped topping and fresh sliced fruits and berries.

- Serve low-fat puddings and gelatin.

- Think ambrosia. Combine fresh peach slices, sliced bananas, red seedless grapes, a little lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar in a dessert dish. Chill, then top with flaked coconut.

- Make a parfait. In a parfait or other tall glass, layer low-fat vanilla pudding with berries and peach slices. Top with yogurt or low-fat whipped topping. Garnish with berries or a sprinkle of granola.

- Indulge in sherbet or low-fat ice cream.

- Serve frozen fruit juice pops or diet ice cream novelties, such as bars and sandwiches.

- Go granita. "Granita" is Italian for "small grains," a reference to the crunchy ice crystals in the flavored ice.

More diet-friendly dessert recipes:

Waffle Sandwiches with Fruit and Ice Cream

Ice Cream-Fruit Tarts

Ice Cream-Fruit Milkshakes

Peach and Ginger Ice Cream

Watermelon Granita

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