What Dishes Can You Make with Strawberry


strawberry_cStrawberries are in plentiful supply right now in the grocery stores at a fairly reasonable price and they are actually quite good - juicy, sweet and full of robust flavor. With temperatures now finally heating up, nothing is more satisfying at mealtime that a cool, crisp salad or a fresh summer dessert, chock full of fresh, ripe strawberries.

By Karen Huber

One of my personal dessert favorites is traditional strawberry cake. When we were growing up, we were often treated to a simple, homemade white cake topped with berries and real whipping cream.

The "Double-Layer Strawberry Cake" reminds me of those much simpler days, in that it utilizes a white cake mix as its base for the 'shortcake,' tasting somewhat the same as the original white cake recipe.

You can bake this cake in two cake pans and decorate per instructions below, or for a different shaped cake, bake in a bundt pan for 35-45 minutes, frost cake, and fill the area in the center of the cake with sliced strawberries and garnish with the whole berries on the top. Of course, the cakes taste totally the same, just a different way of presentation.

I like to serve the cake the same day I prepare it. The 'cake' is extremely moist and the saturation of the juice from the strawberries is perfect and hasn't had the chance to settle through, which can sometimes create a 'soggy' type texture.

The "Spinach Salad" is also defined by fruit, filled with two pints of fresh strawberries, accented by a common culinary partner, the banana.

With fresh torn spinach as its foundation, this salad is light, crunchy and just the right amount of tangy, drizzled with the homemade poppy seed dressing, a snap to prepare in either your blender or food processor.

The salad is perfect by itself served with slices of fresh bread, or as an accent to any grilled meat entrée, whether it's beef, chicken or pork.


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