Traditional and Extraordinary Pizza Recipes


pizza cPizza is an oven-baked, flat, disc-shaped bread that has different toppings. The obligatory ingredients are tomato sauce and cheese. But nowadays there are also lots of pizza recipes without cheese and tomato sauce. Today pizza is a traditional Italian dish but similar food we can find in many world cuisines.

Pizza is baked and sold in pizzerias and restaurants. But everyone could make it at home. There are recipes of meat pizza, vegetarian pizza, seafood pizza, and even sweet pizza (some kind of dessert).

Origin of pizza

Actually, some kind of pizza was cooked in the Persian Empire (6th Century B.C.) when the soldiers of Darius the Great baked flat bread (with cheese and dates on the top) on their shields.

Later we find similar dish in ancient Roman cuisine. They used a base of bread and put different ingredients (chicken meat, cheese, pine kernels, garlic, pepper, mint, and oil) on its top.

But the first simple pizza, as we know it, was firstly cooked only in 16th Century (1522) in Europe. When first tomatoes were brought to Europe, poorer people of Naples used them to make a topping for a yeast dough. Then they baked that. It was pretty like a present-day pizza. In Italy also first pizzerias were opened. Before this pizza was sold in the streets. It was cut from a large tray. Everyone could buy a piece of pizza for breakfast, dinner or supper.

By the 17th Century, not only local popularity in Naples liked pizza, tourists and guests of the country bought and ate it either. Pizza dough was made and pizza was baked in many countries like France, Mediterranean countries, and even China and Middle East. But recipes varied.

Nowadays people all over the world like, cook and eat pizza. There are thousands of pizzerias in different countries, where visitors order meat, veggie, seafood pizza, and also sweet pizza desserts.

What should you know about pizza

The bottom of the pizza is usually flat, but it can be thin (traditional Roman pizza) or thick (Chicago-style pizza). Also it can have round, square, rectangular or oval form. Pizza dough is usually plain, but some chefs season it with herbs or stuff with cheese.

There are different methods of baking pizza: in the electric or brick oven, on the hot stones, on a barbecue grill and so on.

Ingredients that are used in pizza preparation are: olive oil, olives, cheese, meat (chicken, pork etc.), fish, shellfish, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, chillies, nutmeg, different spices and herbs (oregano, mint, pepper, marjoram, basil, parsley, thymes, sage and so on), fruit, nuts.

There are different recipes of making pizza but you can think out your own – just take the ingredients you like (or you have) and prepare a topping, use any sauce you like, and bake pizza.

Here are some pizza recipes

Pizza dough

Traditional pizza dough

Scone pizza dough

Deep pan pizza dough

Potato pizza dough

Meat pizza

Peppered Beef Pizza

Spanish pizza

Bolognese pizza

Mince & pickle pizza

BLT pizza

Mushroom & cheese pizza

Three salami pizza

Frittata pizza

Italian sausage pizza

Prosciutto & olive pizza

Spicy pork and pepper pizza

Four seasons pizza


Vegetarian pizza

Mushroom & pepper pizza

Pizza piperade

Swiss cheese pizza

French brie pizza

Artichoke & Emmental pizza

Fresh herb pizza

Pesto & mushroom pizza

Nutty vegetable pizza

Aubergine & tomato pizza

Four cheese pizza

Three pepper pizza

Pizza marinara

Pizza margherita

Pizza carciofi


Seafood pizza


Pizza with clams

Tuna & onion pizza

Sardine & tomato pizza

Mixed seafood pizza

Ratatouille & prawn pizza

Cheesy seafood pizza

Creamy salmon pizza

French bread pizza

Tapenade & pepper pizza

Roman pizza

Pizza napolitana


Sweet pizza

Berry cheesecake pizza

Orange liqueur pizza

Banana maple syrup pizza

Pear & ginger pizza

Lemon meringue pizza

Apple pie pizza

Cherry & almond pizza

Berry streusel pizza

Tropical pizza

Raspberry mallow pizza

Choc-truffle pizza

Plum pizza

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